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Comprehensive Support for a Multiple Business Owner

Client Overview:

Our client is a great example of an entrepreneurial individual looking at growth opportunities. Our client is a Founder & CEO of a behavioral health agency based in Cleveland, Ohio that provides counseling, therapy, and case management services to individuals and families. They have a background oriented in helping people in need. They envisioned an agency built on engaging the underserved and often overlooked yet vital facet of social service. They maintain active partnerships with community organizations to develop an integrated pool of resources and professionals with the overall objective of improving mental health conditions. They will use the platform to advance the mission of self-efficacy and self-sufficiency.

Apart from Healthcare, our client runs 4 businesses in Consumer Goods, Insurance, Real Estate and Hospitality sector and holds the leadership position in all of them.

Project Objective:

In the midst of a successful career, the Entrepreneur found themselves at a crucial crossroads. Juggling significant interpreting tasks alongside the overwhelming administrative responsibilities of 5 businesses had become progressively challenging. A pressing necessity arose for a solution capable of not just simplifying these tasks but also effortlessly adjusting to the specific demands of the business. The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who can assist them with administrative tasks for all of the businesses he runs. The main objective was to identify tasks, take over them and execute as per the deadlines.


We started working in 2021. Our VA not just a skilled administrator but a quick learner, ready to delve into the specifics of client businesses. Our VA scheduled multiple consulting calls, identified the tasks that needs immediate attention. We started with reporting, payroll, CRM related tasks clearing all the backlogs. Our VA continued to work with the client closely and identified tasks in areas such as bookkeeping, email management, documentation, client co-ordination, client service. Fast forward to 2022, we now handle 30+ tasks every month across 5 businesses. VA used a project management tool where we have task instructions, deadlines for each of tasks which helped to complete the task with 100% quality before the deadlines.

The impact was immediate and transformative. Our client experienced a smoothly running business operation, efficiently managing administrative reporting and bookkeeping duties. This professional liberation allowed them to focus on their vision, strategy, culture, clients, elevating their business without the burden of operational intricacies. The agility and adaptability of the Virtual Assistant played a pivotal role in maintaining business continuity.