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Administrative Assistance for an Auto Dealership Firm.

Client Background:

Client is the President of a group that owns and runs 4 auto dealerships based in Canada. The group consistently delivers a higher standard of sales and customer service in Markham, and the surrounding areas, for over 25 years. They offer a great selection of new vehicles in their showrooms as well as a huge selection of certified pre-owned and used ones of various makes and models.

They are committed to providing a superior purchase and service experience with each and every customer, every time.

Project Objective:

The client’s team which consisted of Receptionists, Sales Managers, Finance Managers and Services Managers. All of them used to spend good amount of their on paper work, updating CRM and other operations management systems to keep the records up to date. Client wanted us to take over all of these back office/operational tasks so that they focus more on customer interactions providing better solutions. The goal was to spend more time on understanding customer preferences and recommend the right vehicle with the suitable finance and lease options.

We assisted client’s team by performing all the back office tasks that were involved in the:

Sale of a vehicle
Accounting and finance
Repair and service orders

Client started working with us in 2021. Our first project was to assist Receptionists in stocking new vehicles in the CRM. Within 2 months, we started supporting sales of both new and used vehicles. Fast forward to 2023, we now have a team of 2 VA’s performing 20+ processes in the area of sales, service and finance across all 4 dealerships. During this period, we have completed a lot of backlog tasks that were pending from 9 months, streamlined processes by figuring out the best way to do it and also by assigning specific schedules for each one of them. In the mid of 2023, one of their Service Manager had resigned. We immediately took over his responsibility and now execute all tasks related to repair and services orders for all 4 dealerships.

This resulted in:

Increase in customer engagement and sales
Reduced time to close service requests
Improved employee satisfaction
Optimal utilization of resources