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Administrative Assistance for Retail Company.

Client Background:

Client is the CEO of a retail company based in Denver. Founded in 2006, Denver based company has been providing a full set of services, technology and wholesale products to retailers; effectively optimizing their retail operations and increasing profitability. Starting within hospitality, they have since expanded throughout multiple industries, implementing their innovative products due to their proven strategies and consistent results.

Serving some of the biggest names within various industries across the US, they have continually proven their ability to dramatically improve sales, profitability and internal operations for their customers.

Project Objective:

The firm has been managing the accounts of over 2,500+ clients. Our client was looking for a partner to manage the backend operations and assist his firm’s various departments. The client wanted us to support their department managers in all possible ways so that they can run their departments more effectively. All of them used to spend good amount of time daily on the tasks that could have been handled by junior staff. There were immediate administrative tasks in purchase, bookkeeping, analytics, sales and service departments. Since they wanted one resource/team who could support across all departments, they hired us and wanted us to take over all of the back office/operational tasks from their managers.


Client started working with us in 2023. We scheduled meeting and training sessions with each department managers. We started off assisting purchasing manager with daily order management. Then assisted finance leader to process receipts and invoices from Xero accounting application. Based on the quality of work and the timelines within which we completed projects, client was impressed and started delegating more work with us. Within 6 months, were we able work with all departments and identify specific tasks that could be handled by us more effectively in a cost efficient manner. At this point, we assist:

Purchasing Manager with order management, monitor daily price changes
Finance Manager with processing invoices, reconciliation
Sales Manager with processing inbound leads, scheduling meeting, maintaining accurate data
Service Manager with responding to customer queries, updating newer data based on the conversation, scheduling service related meeting

Apart from the ones listed above, there were many backlog tasks in these departments which we completed without errors and at a timelines that exceeded client expectations.

Khened VA has been successfully managing the back-office operations. The client is happy with our assistance and the planning to increase the workforce, expecting to outsource more projects to Khened VA.