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Administrative and Sales Support for a Online Media Company

Client Background:

Client is the President of media group based in West Los Angeles, USA. The group comprising of seven distinguished local media entities making it the largest local media company in the Westside. The group’s primary focus lies in catering to the prosperous, imaginative, and highly educated communities residing in West LA region and is the ultimate source for exceptional local news, lifestyle, culture, and events. They specialize in forging authentic and grassroots connections between local businesses, regardless of their scale, and the community. They believe in facilitating a substantial outreach within a reasonable budget.

Project Objective:

The client’s team which consisted of Editors, Journalists and Sales Managers. All of them used to spend good amount of their daily time on administrative tasks such as publishing articles, setting up newsletters, reporting KPIs, setting up google ads, basic research etc. The objective of the project was to take over all the admin tasks from his key employees so that they can focus more on producing new content, community and client management, sales etc which will optimize their productivity. This would ensure that the key employees are used at an optimal level and will have a major impact on the business growth. We continue to work with the team and are assisting on the below activities since 2020.

On the operations side, we are assisting Editor and Journalists with:

Publishing daily news articles and video contents on their 7 news websites
Schedule daily social media posts
Setting up daily newsletters
Reporting KPIs of daily newsletters
Supporting yearly events

On the sales side, we are assisting President, VP of Sales and Sales Manager with:

Building the list of business owners and marketing leaders who runs consumer centric businesses. Part of list also had authentic email address and LinkedIn of the leaders
Support on special events with data research
Setting up email marketing campaign
Follow up and lead management
Client KPIs reporting
Setting up Google ads

Client tested our services with a small task of daily newsletter reporting to start with in 2020 and now a team of 3 VAs support the client’s team in both operational and sales side.

Khened VA manages end to end administration of operations and sales ensuring accuracy and timely publishing and distribution of digital content across all 7 media outlets. This has immensely helped the client to optimize productivity in editorial and sales activities.

Khened VA now has 3 VAs trained through these projects to provide uninterrupted business operations at any given moment.

Impact on Client Side:

On the operations side, Editors and Journalists together saved up to 8 hours every day and we ended up publishing 70% to 80% more news and video contents on a daily basis.

On the sales side, the process of prospecting and email marketing was proposed, designed and executed by us. This was added as an additional source of getting leads and new businesses. We have been building and maintaining fairly large contact data set and resulted in approx 20% increase in the revenue. The exact numbers are unknown and the approximation is based on the response we received because we monitor them. The positive impact is evident because client is asking us do this from past 2 years for different markets where company operates.

Impact on Khened VA:

From the skill stand point, these projects helped us to:

Stay organized
Manage time
Working with slim deadlines.
Contact research
CRM and lead management
Image editing
Creating newsletters
Focus and attention to detail. We will receive inputs and data during our non regular working hours

From the tools and platforms standpoint, we have an hands on experience with:

Google Search
Google Sheets, Docs