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Virtual Assistant for Real Estate business – How they can make your business efficient?

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Real estate is a competitive business that requires one to constantly be at the top of their game. Leading extremely busy lives, realtors must manage multiple roles and responsibilities while clocking in long hours. And very soon, things can (will) get overwhelming. If you try to do all the tasks yourself, you won’t have much time left to focus on expanding your business.

If you’re a realtor who thinks 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to check all boxes on your to-do list, it’s time to hire a virtual assistant and delegate daily and noncore tasks. Doing so will save you a significant amount of time that you can use to focus on core business activities.

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who does a wide range of tasks across different functional areas of your business in an hourly basis. The best part is, you work with one resource and you get access to the multiple skill sets who will perform various tasks as per the needs of your growing business.

Below we explain how a virtual assistant can help in different departments:

1. Administration and Operations

VA can handle all types of administrative and operational tasks that help keep your office running smoothly, such as:

Email management – responding, organizing

Calendar management

Record meeting minutes

Daily paperwork

Travel Management

Upload listings to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Client support – email, chat, social

Collect client feedback

Prepare monthly reports

Collect property scraping details

Research local properties

Data entry

2. Bookkeeping

It is very important to maintain accurate record of all the money going in and out of your business. Bookkeeping is a vital task for real estate business, and there are several benefits to staying organized, such as freedom, legality, and profitability. When you know exactly how your business is doing at any given time, you are able to make better decisions and sleep soundly at night. Virtual Assistant can help you with array of bookkeeping tasks such as:

Manage income and expenses

Receipt collection

Reconcile with your bank


Create accurate reports

General ledger services

Accounting system support – Quickbooks, sage, wave, zero etc

3. Marketing

You know marketing is the most part of your business — but it can also be very time consuming. Fortunately, a virtual assistant can manage many of the marketing tasks on your plate (and even do some of the heavy lifting), so you can spend more time on the things that only you can do. A VA can help with marketing tasks like:

Create buyer’s packets and power points

Send mailers to your spheres of influence

Write and schedule blog posts

Research content ideas

Update your website

Manage social media channels

Email Marketing

Industry and competitor research

4. Sales

Do Not Underestimate the skills and capabilities of a VA because they’re virtual — you’d be amazed how many sales tasks a virtual assistant can help you with. While some responsibilities may require a higher level of English fluency, you can still get a lot of the tedious stuff out of the way with a VA, such as:

Research buyer & seller leads

Update your CRM data for each client and lead

Prospecting and outreach – email, chat, social, cold calls

Set appointments

Increase sales conversion by doing timely follow up with leads

Whenever you decide add a virtual assistant to your team, please make sure your VA successfully fills the right holes in your business. Look for where efficiencies can be improved within your business, and hire a virtual assistant to help you meet your goals.