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How a Virtual Assistant can help with your Professional Coaching business.

Just like any other jobs, there are a many responsibilities in being in a Professional Coaching business. On top of the routinely drowning and time-consuming repetitive activities like emailing, setting appointments, websites changes, researching, proofreading blog posts, and running financial errands, there are other core activities that need to be attended to in order to make your coaching business successful. Managing core activities + support functions of coaching businesses can leave you stressed and this is the critical point to avoid at all costs. As a Professional Coach, you should spend major time working and enhancing the training content, new approaches and programs so it is meaningful and in context to the current business situations.

Virtual Assistants are proven to be a great resource for small businesses across all industries and it’s not different for coaching businesses. In current scenario, where most of the business leaders focus on generating more revenue while keeping cost in control, Virtual Assistants can help you achieve this. VAs are the multi-skilled, well organized and come with flexible ways of working together. They are skilled to perform almost all types support functions of business with minimum knowledge transfer.

Virtual Assistant will add more hours to your day at a reasonable price and you can use those hours to learn more about your clients, their background and businesses. This will help you to work backward and design the best coaching support that they will need to attain success.

Below we list the most common tasks that a Professional Coach can delegate to a Virtual Assistant:

Sales & Marketing: Virtual Assistant can market your coaching business by performing various marketing tasks not limited to:

Creating content for your blog

Sharing articles across social channels and responding to comments

Staying in touch with the target audience in social channels

Building list of CEOs/HR leaders and contacting them via channels such as email, LinkedIn to find coaching opportunities to their employees

Building list of program managers in startup accelerators for possible partnerships to coach startup founders

Building list of event/conference organizers and contacting them for speaking opportunities

Online Research: It is very important for Professional Coaches to stay relevant to the changing business needs. Virtual Assistant can conduct research on the coaching topics and help you find the critical information available online. This will help you to design your training content and materials addressing the problems and challenges faced clients and businesses in the current conditions.

Inbox Management: The first thing we do when we start our day at work is we check emails and go for the rest. Managing emails is time consuming and important as they need to be addresses personally. Virtual Assistant can do a great job on this saving lot time. They can organize your daily emails by creating different folders and move the emails based on the priority. So, when you login for the day, you only see the most important emails that need your response and rest of unimportant emails can be dealt later when you have time. You will have initially train a VA on the nature of your business, your current clients, the kind of emails you receive and the way you respond. Once VA understands your business and the current setup, they can independently handle and respond to all your emails. Additionally, you can also create a separate email for them such as or assistant@ and CC them in all the email conversations with your clients, partners and vendors. Based on the context of the email, they will jump into the conversations and do a timely follow-up, send reminders, book calendars and ensure that the agenda of the email is fulfilled.

Basic Bookkeeping: Every business in the world keeps an organized financial record. This can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant keeps track of your expenses, invoices, bank statements and records them in the accounting systems like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Wave.

Admin/Clerical: Virtual Assistant can take care of all your administrative tasks that are not limited to:

Online shopping

Travel planning


Managing websites

MS office support

Data entry

All types of basic day to day tasks

Every small business owner wants everything they need under one umbrella. In fact, they love having things organized for them. Working with a Virtual Assistant will save you the hassle and money in the long run while leaving you feeling at ease knowing none of your efforts will go to waste.