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Administrative Assistance for a Artificial Jewelry (Retail) Firm.

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Client Overview:

The client is a very busy COO of an artificial jewelry business based in Western Canada. Client is responsible for running the different functions in the business not just operations. Client used to take care of marketing, bookkeeping, inventory, customer service, HR, Inboxes of CEO and one other Co-Founder. Client is a key contributor in all the strategic decisions of the management.

We just knew about few aspects of the work where we supported but in actual, client was also involved in buying, manufacturing and many other functions in the business. Client was instrumental in setting up processes and tools to streamline operations and communication across all departments.

Project Objective:

Due to a very busy schedule of the client, there are many tasks that had taken back seat and needed to be completed. The objective of the project was to complete all the pending backlog tasks in the area of bookkeeping, HR, research and inbox organization. Particularly in the bookkeeping side, all bills, sales receipts were not entered for almost a year. We had to calculate GST that is paid for 2020, 2021 and 2023. After we complete the backlogs, client wanted us to support on these tasks on a daily, weekly basis to stay on top of all these activity. The task requests included support with:

Basic Bookkeeping
Inbox Organization
Payroll Assistance
Online Research
Sales & Marketing
Any other ad hoc requests

In 2019, we started assisting the client with bookkeeping. We completed all the backlogs and finalized a process to handle way forward which kept us up to date. During the process of handling historical transactions, there were numerous questions and roadblocks which we made a note of and got that clarified to maintain 100% accuracy. We automated categorizing expenses using banking feed rules. We automated few recurring bills and entered non recurring bills manually. We saved all the bills in the shared drive location properly organized based on the vendor, year, and month. We also created sales reports on weekly basis and entered them in QBO. Till date, we are executing these tasks and maintaining the records.

On the payroll side, we will review timesheet of the employees, tips earned on a daily basis and create a pay slip to process the payroll. On the HR side, we also created manager training courses, job descriptions for different roles and also posted them on job portals.

On the inbox organization side, on a daily basis, we categorized each email using different folder structures based on the priority and nature of the emails. The inbox is very well organized and maintained in a way that you can find any email, bills, invoices within a few seconds. This also helped client to stay on top of some of the important emails that needed the attention.

Over the period, there were numerous other tasks we performed on an ad hoc basis which included research, marketing, admin, personal and many other bookkeeping projects.

Impact on Client side:

Lot of client’s time was saved and more importantly, processes were identified, streamlined and put into place with timelines. This ensured the smooth operations and also helped to stay up to date.

Client is very pleased with the services provided and is working with us since 2019. We are in continuous discussion to identify other ways of assisting their business.

Impact on Khened VA:

From the skill stand point, these projects helped us to:

Stay organized
Manage time
Working with slim deadlines
Focus and attention to detail
Improve research skills
Good understanding of bookkeeping functions
Realized how important is it to ask questions in the right time to deliver projects with 100% accuracy

From the tools and platforms standpoint, we have an hands on experience with:

QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop
Google Search
MS Outlook
MS Teams
Indead, CareerBuilder, Monster