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15 tasks where Virtual Assistant can be handy.

Running a business often requires numerous tasks to be executed on the daily basis. You might be trying hard, moving ahead of your competition to scale your business to the next level. But, if you think that you can succeed it all alone, you are mistaken.

Surprised, correct? But it is the ultimate truth of the modern business world.

At a particular stage in your business, in order to take your company to the multiple heights, you always need an extra pair of hands to help you every day achieving bigger success. Moreover, you can trust a Virtual Assistant to perform many of the vital tasks for you while you focus on your next business meeting, customers and other important aspects that are the key contributors in order to achieve your business goals.

You might have a question. Why outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant when you have your own office assistant?

The purpose is very simple! You need not to pay to a Virtual Assistant for the office space, computer, stationaries, internet connections and HR related expenses like PF, health insurance that you need to pay to your full-time office assistant. Moreover, Virtual Assistants work on the hourly basis and you will have to only pay for the hours that they work on your task. Which means, when you have only 2 hours of work every day, Virtual Assistant will charge you only for those 2 hours, unlike your full time assistant at your office to whom you will have to pay for all the 8 hours irrespective on the workload along with overheads like office space, computer, stationaries, internet connections and HR related expenses. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you can convert your fixed cost to variable which is the great cost saving and it matters the most when you are at the early stage of your business.

Virtual Assistants are dedicated and multi-skilled professionals who can provide you the best in class administrative and business services to the offshore clients and meet their demands irrespective of their geographical location.

Unsure of, how to start and what to delegate?

Here we list below the 15 important tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Secondary and Online Research: Conducting online research can be daunting and time-consuming. Assign your research work to a Virtual Assistant. They will find out a quickest way to get the information on any topic, business, product or event.  In addition, they can compile a list of contacts, conduct a competitive analysis, compile a list of relevant articles, research vendor quotes and much more.
  1. Data Entry and Recurring Process: Delegate strategic core processes. Virtual Assistant will train on your cloud-based systems and fulfill recurring duties, such as data entry, file organization, sales updates, collecting data and entering spreadsheets which require sitting at the computer for a long period of time
  1. Email Management: Managing emails coming from different sources like customers, vendors, partners, junk emails like campaign, sales emails are a very complex task. And it has been experienced that we end up spending portion of time in non-important emails which can be frustrating especially when you are running out of time. You will feel more relaxed when Virtual Assistant manages your emails effectively. Quick and effective management of your email Inbox so that each email is answered with promptness and no crucial business email is ever missed
  1. Customer Service: Virtual Assistant will respond to your customer inquiries from all channels (Voice/Email/Chat), follow up with your clients and provide additional support. Grant access to your web-based software for optimal customer service
  1. Social Media Management: Having a business profile in social media platforms gives your company a greater edge in the digital market. Virtual Assistant can help your business acquire a solid social media presence by publishing creative posts that helps in lead generation and brand awareness
  1. Calendar Management: From fixing your appointments to managing these entries into your business calendar, Virtual Assistant can help to keep you updated prior to your scheduled engagements. Just copy (cc) your Virtual Assistant on emails with your clients, sales leads, vendors or friends and they’ll follow up and make sure they attend
  1. Lead Generation: Hit your marketing targets with the Virtual Assistant in place. They help you in building your sales funnel by generating more leads digitally via the Internet, cold calls and social media. Virtual Assistants are tech savvy and will make it easy for your business to expand and reach new markets
  1. Marketing Strategy: Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business. Without one, your efforts to attract customers are likely to be haphazard and inefficient. Virtual Assistant can plan and execute market strategy for you through careful market analysis so as to achieve required profit potential
  1. Administrative Services: A good administration is the key to most business′ success. Virtual Assistants are equipped to organize your meetings, handling your clients, business purchases, logistics and managing other day to day business activities allowing you to focus on big picture
  1. MS Office Projects: Virtual Assistants are skilled with MS Office suite of products. They can help you with spreadsheet design, modifications, word processing, document creation, business forms, mail merge and in creating cutting edge presentations and brochures for your business
  1. Travel Management: From picking the perfect hotel within your budget, to booking your travel ticket at the most cost-effective rate, Virtual Assistants make sure that you come back from your trip with a great experience smile!
  1. Website Assistance: With professional web designing and web development capabilities, they can offer a full facility for designing a high quality, responsive and intuitive website for your business at a most reasonable price
  1. Bookkeeping: While you focus on meeting the needs of your customers, it is imperative that you also take care of the Accounting and Bookkeeping functions at your office. Virtual Assistants are equipped in managing your Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements
  1. Calls & Receptionist: Cut down on the overheads in maintaining a receptionist’s office. Virtual Assistant will answer your calls, take voicemails and ensure that your money and time is spent where it matters most. Simply forward your number to us and we’ll take care of the rest and keep you updated
  1. Other Services: As a client, you can expect any type of non-technical services from a Virtual Assistant. They are enthusiastic in learning new business tools, platform and processes based on your requirements

Partner with us to avail the advantages of working with a Virtual Assistant and take your business to the next level of success.